Did Bolo Yeung Take Steroids Or Natural?

The celebrities who used the steroids for the transformation is a notorious topic for many years in which Bolo Yeung steroid use is controversial.

Bolo Yeung before and after

It is mainly considering by the viewers that he probably takes the steroids for bulking the appearance.

Bolo Yeung has the natural lean physique and he loves to maintain his muscle due to having love and passion for the bodybuilding.

He played the famous role as an Asian guy in the BAD GUY, BLOOD SPORT and, ENTER THE DRAGON.

The Bolo stayed bulky in the all roles as the character demand.

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The real name of Bolo Yeung is Yang Sze, he changed his name after inspired by the character in “Enter the Dragon”

Martial Art And Bodybuilding:

Bolo is not just a bodybuilder, he is also considered as the Marital arts star.

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His Career of martial arts begins in China when he was only 10 years old.

With martial arts, he also focused on the bodybuilding career in which he takes care of his diet a lot.

He has a passion for bodybuilding from the young age.

Bolo Yeung diet includes a high protein and fat diet.

Bolo Yeung as the Master in ShootfighterIn the year 1970, Bolo was crowned to a title of Mr. Universe and after winning the title, he played a role in ENTER THE DRAGON.

He rocks with a Mr. Hong Kong title for the ten years and done 80 movies in his career.  I have gathered all the information that you need to know about phenq.

Bolo Yeung having ripped six Abs is pretty awesome.

He might do not have the aesthetics, but he appears huge in the off-season

The bodybuilding plays a role to enhance the reputation of Bolo Yeung in Asia.

Bolo Yeung crowned Mr. Hong Kong in the year 1970 and after he cast for playing a role in “Enter the Dragon”

Due to the outstanding reputation of Bolo Yeung in the bodybuilding field, he is also referred as the “Chinese Hercules”

Statistics of Bolo Yeung:

  • Height of the body: 5’6’’ (168cm)
  • Weight of the body: 211-238Ibs (96-108 kg)
  • Date of birth: 3 July 1946

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Is Bolo Yeung Practice Steroids?

How can we identify that he actually takes steroids or natty?

As you can see in our all articles that we can investigate through the physical evidence of steroids and some other activities.

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So let’s take a closer look at the Bolo Yeung picture.

Do you find any symptom of the steroid on his body?

The steroid users actually have the insane vascularity, bigger traps or Abs and gynecomastia.

The long-term use allow these symptoms to appear, but there are many bodybuilders who take the other medications and steroids for subsiding the drastic side effects.

Symptoms of steroid: Negative

Bolo Yeung body does not have any sign of the steroid use, his skin is smooth with a natural look, traps are well developed and the chest size is huge.

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Bolo Yeung Martial Arts

On the basis of negative appearance of the symptoms, we can say that he is natural

Gain Timeline:

The other way to find the steroid user is to investigate the gaining timeline.

There are many ways and solutions to increase testosterone levels naturally.

The reason behind for looking the gain timeline is that the juicer can gain more kg or pounds in a short period of time such as 5 years, whereas the natural bodybuilder requires the 10 to 15 years of training to get the athletic physique.

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Bolo Yeung progress continues over the years, so it is hard to identify whether he is natural or on the steroids.

He looks like similar to his character to Enter the Dragon.

Arnold, 7x Mr. Olympia rocks with his incredible physique, but he shrunk in just only 1 year after the retirement in the year 1975.

The reason is that he stop taking the steroids after the retirement.

Dbol is mostly used by many athletes and bodybuilders for muscle gain.

Bolo Yeung does not look like shrink, unnatural and still looked jacked as compare to the other bodybuilders.

He maintains the physique for a long period of time, which is easier for the natural one hard for the juicer.

Bolo in the age 60 and in the 27 year old,  kept the large portion of muscle over the years that is a strong sign that he had not taken the steroids.

Bolo Yeung Steroids:

He was thought to incorporated cutting and bulking steroids for gain size and lean muscle

Bolo Yeung Kungfu FightYeung is considered as the natural, but there are many peoples who think that Bolo probably took the PEDs for achieving the unique size and the physique.

How Safe Are Legal Steroids for Women taking a legal steroid is a better alternative than anabolic steroids

PEDs that may include the Osterine, Deca Durabolin, and the Dianabol.

Osterine is a drug which is used for enhancing the performance and prevents the muscle from wasting, it contributes to avoid the deterioration of muscles and increase the endurance level.

Anadrol is one of the famous steroids in the world which has the ability to transform and defined the physique.

Deca-Durabolin is another steroid that is used for the bulking and other therapeutic effects.

Assumption: Natty

Bolo Yeung is currently in California and continues Tai Chai for maintaining a magnificent shape.

Today Bolo Yeung man maintains the size and physique well.

Bolo is not as huge as the monsters in the bodybuilding.

Bolo Yeung is much smaller as he was during his prime career in the 1980’s Bloodsport.

He includes in one of the hardcore martial artists that know the value of fighting arts.

He recently spotted at the gym for bigger the arms and chest as well.

Bolo proves his self as the icon in Marital arts and bodybuilding.

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